On behalf of the Board of Trustees, welcome to our community website.  Pepperwood was first created on August 28, 1973, and for almost 50 years has remained the premier gated community in the Salt Lake Valley.  Both of our gates have 24/7 guards, monitoring everyone entering our community and helping to secure the privacy and peace of mind of our residents.  Our HOA is made up of close to 600 lots, spread across 477 acres.  Pepperwood residents enjoy spacious streets, and a large common area with a pavilion, pool, hot tub, splash pad, kiddie playground, and tennis, pickleball and basketball courts.  There are walking paths through the community, and numerous community activities like an Easter Egg hunt, annual High School Grad Party and a July 4th parade and breakfast.  We hope this website helps you gain greater access to, and enjoy even more, our great community!  If you have any additional questions about the Pepperwood HOA community, please Contact Us today!

2022 Pepperwood Board of Trustees:

Dave Wood – President

Melissa Fabrizio – Vice Chair

Richard Kennedy – Treasurer

Doug Haymore – Secretary

Scott Sabey – Member

Yolanda Versteeg – Member

Jim Jensen – Member

Pete Gehrett – Member

Jonathan Tanner – Member